Discipleship Team Notes

The discussion and decisions of the Discipleship Team

From our Meeting January 24, 2021

The Discipleship Team (DT), has started the year by taking a spiritual gifts inventory to become aware of our spiritual gifts. The results are being sent to the team leader, Vicki Spurgeon, and Rev. Sonja Tobey.

We welcomed two new members, Nathan Skinner and Melissa Edmonson.

The Discipleship Team's mission is to encourage continued growth in discipleship in our members--growth in community, learning, commitment, and serving. There are many ways you can be involved in the ministry of St. Paul's even if you are unable to come to church.

Updates regarding ongoing ministries and mission:
1. We are continuing to encourage the day nurses in the CCMH ICU.

2. Last year, St. Paul's served 1,257 people at St. John's feeding ministry.

3. We are continuing to work with Hungry Hearts. Right now they are working on their building and are asking for volunteers to go paint or other jobs as necessary. For more information, see the Hungry Hearts Facebook page.

4. We (St. Paul's) are supplying items to the blessing boxes around the community. A blessing box has non-perishable food items, hygiene items, hats, gloves, scarfs, and warm clothing. If you would like to provide any of these items, please bring them to the church, or contact the church, and someone will come pick them up.

5. Vicki took food that was in the closet at the church that was nearing expiration to the Salvation Army. Sonja and Mike took left over Christmas Bags of fruit and candy to Marie Detty.

6. Our Oklahoma Conference camping ministries are struggling as there was no camping last year. If we do not support our camping ministries , there will not be camps to send our kids to in the future. Therefore, the Discipleship Team voted to send funds we did not use this past year budgeted to Oklahoma United Methodist Camps.

7. We will be having a fundraiser this Lent of items from Bethlehem (Olive Wood, etc.). Tourism is 75% of their income in Bethlehem, and due to the pandemic, tourism is way down. This fundraiser makes these one of a kind items available to you, it supports our friends and partners in ministry in Bethlehem, and provides funds for our ministry through St. Paul's.