Observing a Holy Lent

We are seeking to continue to grow in our discipleship through the season of Lent as we learn more about what it means to Live Like Jesus

Observing a Holy Lent Together

Observing a Holy Lent with the community of faith at St. Paul's Lawton is a little different this year. Lent is a time of preparation leading up to Easter Sunday. It is traditionally a time of fasting or giving up something. Sometimes we give up foods or something we love, so when we crave it or long for it, it reminds us to pause to pray and remember the sacrifice of Jesus-his life and death. Lent begins on February 17th with Ash Wednesday and continues through Saturday of Holy Week, April 3rd. On Ash Wednesday we observe the beginning of the Lenten season through repentance and pondering our own mortality. We pause to recognize our need for and dependence on God and repent of when we often fail at making our beliefs a reality.

I have found what is often most precious to us is our time, and our time is often what we do not give over to God. Additionally, our resources-personal and financial-we tend to withhold as well. This year I invite you to observe a Holy Lent with St. Paul's Lawton with at least two sacrifices:

1. Your time-giving 15 minutes to read daily from the devotional book The Sanctuary for Lent 2021. You may already have a time of prayer and reading you do every day. I encourage you to commit to 15 extra minutes during Lent to grow even closer to God.

2. Save a daily offering to the Lenten offering. Maybe it is the price of a coffee at a coffee shop. Rather than getting that cup of coffee, you donate the amount to the Lenten offering. Perhaps it something else you regularly purchase and are willing to sacrifice those funds to the Lenten offering. The Lenten offering will be collected on Palm Sunday, March 28, either online, by check, or in person. This year the Lenten offering will go to: the Lawton Food Bank, Circle of Care (the Oklahoma Conference ministry with at promise children and youth), and our conference's Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (ministry with the incarcerated and their families). This is remember that Jesus fed the hungry, welcomed the children, and transformed lives.

This is not to replace anything you have already intended to give up for Lent, but as an additional way to connect with God as a community of faith. Together. I thought this is one way we can celebrate our unity even if we cannot gather together as we would otherwise.

I encourage you to participate with the community of faith at St. Paul's Lawton at this very special time in the Christian year. We-as a community of faith-will be observing a Holy Lent together, even if we are apart.

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