The St. Paul's Logo

The story behind the image..

The logo was created to reflect the people and the work of St. Paul's Lawton. The first thing that catches your eye is the image above the words. It is an image of three interconnected people which represents our mission to "love God, to love people, and to connect people to God's love." This is further illustrated by the heart and the flowing nature of the image.

The S and P are intertwined forming hearts at the top and bottom which are open, representing the open hearts of the people of St. Paul's.

On the downstroke of the "S" you will notice where the letter crosses to form the SP there is a red cross, as we are a community of faith that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The colors blend from a blue green to a pink, which stands for the water of baptism (you can see the drop between the first and second person), moving into the love of God in the gift of Holy Communion (the wine is represented in the darker red color), and sharing that love with all we meet as we go into the world.