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Prayer and Clay (a devotion for the week of July 26, 2020

Clay and Prayer

Read Jeremiah 18:1-11
So, I went down to the potter’s house; he was working on the potter’s wheel. But the piece he was making was flawed while still in his hands, so the potter started on another, as seemed best to him. Then the Lord’s word came to me: House of Israel, can’t I deal with you like this potter, declares the Lord? Like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in mine, (vv 3-6)

Hold the clay—working it in your hand, making shapes, molding it. Notice the clay becomes warm, and in becoming warm, it becomes soft and pliable.

How are you allowing God to hold you, your very spirit and being? Not only holding your problems but holding you in that way that makes you soft and malleable.

How are you allowing this warm hand of the potter to mold you into the image of God? Are you stiff and unyielding? Are you teachable and pliant?

When the clay becomes stiff, it becomes flawed and unworkable. What parts in your life do you need to let the hand of the potter soften so that you can once again be made into the creation God has seen in you?

Pray this prayer each day, that you may become like clay in the potter’s hand.

Take the clay of our lives and shape it to love
Take the clay of the church and shape it to grace
Take the clay of the world and shape it to peace
Take the clay of today and shape it to hope
And then breathe your spirit into all again.
For ever and ever. Amen