Strengthening relationships in faith.

Relationships Matter

Our closest relationships can impact our entire lives.  When things are great at home, we can feel invincible.  When things are not going smoothly, we can feel off-balanced in other areas of our life including work, friendships, and parenting.  It is important to be intentional about nurturing those intimate relationships.  For people of faith, it is especially important to see these relationships through the lens of faith.  

Whether you have been married for many years or only a few, whether you are planning to get married or in a committed relationship, paying extra attention to nurturing these relationships mean our lives are enriched for many years.  This is why we are offering Couples Enrichment Classes at St. Paul's Lawton.  Rev. Tobey is a certified facilitator and will be leading these classes using Prepare-Enrich. 

About Prepare-Enrich

The mission of Prepare-Enrich is to equip marriage champions, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships.  We Value:

Service – Our passion to empower you
Quality – Prioritizing professionalism and attention to detail
Partnership – Embracing opportunities to collaborate
Generosity – Operating out of a mindset of abundance
Teamwork – Working toward a common purpose

The course covers the following areas: Sharing Strength & Growth Areas; Personality, Stress, Communication; Conflict Resolution; Finances; Spirituality; Romance, Sex, & Affection; Closeness & Flexibility. There will be an overnight retreat at the end which will enable us to wrap up and celebrate our relationships.

The Assessment

The assessment isn't a test of the worthiness of your relationship, but provides a starting place for conversations.  From the assessment you and your partner will discuss where there is agreement, where there is difference, and open the door for honest communication in a healthy and safe environment.