St. Paul's Kids

Ministry for birth to 11 years old.

Sunday School

Children’s Classes

Seedlings – a nursery for children birth to 36 months (songs, stories, guided play)

Lil’ Sprouts – a toddler room for 3-5 year olds (songs, stories, and guided play)

Sprouts – 6-8 years old (standard curriculum)

Saplings – 9-11 years old (standard curriculum)


Youth assist in the Sprouts and Saplings Children’s classes during Sunday School. (We require youth to be at least 5 years older than the age group with which they are helping.)

Also, check out our One Room Classroom for a virtual children's learning experience.

Children's Church

Children's church is offered during the worship service for ages 6-8 years. They will be dismissed from the service and will go to experience their own worship.

Children's Ministry

We believe that children are growing, not only physically but spiritually. Therefore, we offer a safe environment for that growth to take place. We request that children 11 and under be checked in and brought to the children's area by their parents.

All age groups are taught that God's love is for them.

Seedlings (birth to 36 months)

Available during Sunday School and Worship, he nursery at St. Paul’s Lawton is staffed and ready to welcome your little ones in a safe and loving environment that nurtures spiritual growth and learning in faith.  They will learn more about God’s love through songs and creative play.

Lil' Sprouts (3-5 years)

Like the nursery, the toddler room is available during Sunday school and worship, and is staffed and provides a safe and loving environment for your little ones to continue to grow in faith.  Our staff use lessons, activities, and songs as well as play to teach about God’s love.

Sprouts (6-8 years)

This age group will learn during Sunday school and will be dismissed for children’s church during the worship service.  Masks are required for children over 5 at this time, so be sure they have a little one that fits their face well.

During the summer there are camping opportunities available.  Contact Laci Young for more information.

Saplings (9-11 years)

This age group is preparing for Middle School and Youth Group.  We provide age based learning opportunities to teach them more about God’s love.  There is Sunday school available at 9:30 a.m. and during worship they are encouraged to use the “sermon notes” sheet to  help them learn to pay attention during the service.

Camps are available during the summer months.  Contact Laci Young for more information.